Call for Applications: Corporate & Investor Matchmaking Event

Call for Applications


April 22- 25, 2018


A pilot service offered by ENRICH in the USA.

Call opened: March 07, 2018 | Call closes: March 29, 2018 – 23h59 CET


  1. Services offered in this specific call

10 European entrepreneurs, researchers, or university/private lab Technology Transfer officials, through an application process, will be selected to present their products, services or intellectual property at the ENRICH in the USA’s Spring 2018 Corporate & Investor Matchmaking Event. Selected innovators will be provided matchmaking opportunities with representatives from at least thirty different corporations and investors in the energy & environment, healthcare, or defense & homeland security sectors. Participants will have the chance to pitch about their companies’ offerings or institutions’ technologies while receiving real-time feedback from these potential customers/investors.

Prior to the matchmaking event on April 25, participants will be invited to three days of additional networking and learning about partnership opportunities with other renowned US-based organizations, especially from Texas. These intensive three days of programming and other US partnership introductions will assist in preparing the selected individuals for the matchmaking event. Participants will first attend the International Conference on Business Innovation’s BIG Summit event, held on April 22, where they will be able to select preferred networking connections with a number of US and international investors, service providers who support entrepreneurs, and policymakers developing innovation strategies for cross-continent collaborations. The event utilizes the US State Department’s proprietary matchmaking software to make relevant strategic connections.

Next, on April 23 and 24, participants are encouraged to attend up to two sessions from the main conference proceedings (agenda found here: that focus on coaching entrepreneurs/innovators towards successful commercialization tactics or in fascinating trends from a variety of industries on topics such as solution needs of technology sectors, funding trends, etc. Additionally during these days, participants will be introduced to North Texas (from Dallas-Fort Worth, Armadillo, and Austin greater area) organizations, as well as other US -organizations outside of Texas, who want to assist international innovators enter US markets. Furthermore, on each day, participants will work with expert InBIA staff on their pitch decks in preparation of the matchmaking event.

The entire agenda will culminate with the matchmaking eventon April 25 where the selected innovators – representing Research2Research, Research Commercialization, and Business2Business entities - will participate in a matchmaking opportunity which sets up approx. 10-minute speed meetings between researchers/entrepreneurs, and potential strategic partners or investors from US markets. During this event participants will be matched with strategic partners, including:

  • Open innovation, tech scouting or emerging business executives from large manufacturing and/or distributing corporations;
  • Buyers or other purchasing department agents from large enterprises (i.e. hospitals, clinical care systems, government entities, government suppliers, etc.);
  • Federal agency program managers;
  • Decision makers for sustainability, facility or other operational needs from large enterprises (i.e. hospitals, government entities, utilities, production plants, etc.)
  • Investors, such as venture capitalists, angel investors and other accredited Investors, or equity-based accelerator executives


  1. Target Group of this Call

EU R&I actors who are highly interested in introducing/exposing their research and innovation to US vendors, channels and investors/funders for feedback, for potential opportunistic partnerships, and also as a long-term vehicle for commercializing their works/products, may include:

  • Startup and SME founders or executives, especially those representing the technical/product development/manufacturing units of their company;
  • Researchers looking for market opportunities and/or funding for their intellectual property (must have an issued patent, copyrighted software/etc., trade secreted chemistry/material/etc.)
  • Researchers looking for market opportunities for a technical service of interest to commercial entities (i.e. screening, development of special formulations, diagnostics, etc.);
  • Representatives of a research organization (i.e. Technology Transfer or Commercialization offices) looking for market opportunities and/or licensors for available IP or technical services


  1. Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for the provided service, applicants have to meet the following requirements:

  • If an individual, applicant must be a tax payer in an EU MS/AC AND/OR be an EU MS/AC passport holder
  • If incorporated, applicant must pay taxes in an EU MS/AC AND/OR have as the majority of shareholders EU MS/AC passport holders
  • Be able to communicate (read and speak) in English
  • Must have research technologies or a company that fall into at least one of the following sectors and technology areas:


    • Petro
    • Natural Gas
    • Nuclear
    • Wind
    • Hydro
    • Geothermal
    • Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal
    • Biofuels & Alternatives
    • Smart Buildings & Factories
    • Energy Storage
    • Water & Air Filtration
    • Medical Devices
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Biologics
    • Diagnostics
    • Imaging
    • Preventative Wellness
    • Electronic Health Records
    • Fitness & Sports Medicine
    • Facilities & Clinical Operations
    • Robotics
    • Unmanned Vehicles
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Analytics
    • Virtual & Augmented Reality
    • Wireless Communications & C4I
    • Sensors
    • Cybersecurity


  1. Funding Principle

Grant funding from ENRICH subsidizes over half of the costs for this service, however there is a €200 participation fee for this exciting opportunity. (Selected applicants are also responsible for their own travel expenses.) Participants will have to cover the costs for flights to and from the United States, their accommodations, as well as other costs not mentioned above (e.g. ESTA/VISA application costs, health insurance, etc.) by themselves


  1. Submission Procedure

All applicants must register at the electronic submission tool F6S under It is highly advised that applicants submit no later than two days before the submission deadline.ENRICH in the USA staff will assist with questions or portal issues for applicants. Besides basic information, applicants must mark a checklist for actual criteria and must complete each section of the application.

In F6S, the applicant is asked to register themselves and fill in general information, personal information (such as name, institution, organization type, contact details, and specific questions referring to the organization type if it is a SME). All applicants must acknowledge that they are made aware that some costs have to be covered individually.

You will need to complete all required questions in the F6S application form before you are allowed to submit. This includes all uploads and attachments in the last section of the application form.


  1. Evaluation and Selection Procedure

The fundamental principles governing the evaluation of the applications are:

  • Transparency: The process for selecting applicants will be clearly described and made available to any interested party.
  • Fairness and Equality of treatment: All applications shall be treated alike, irrespective of where they originate or the identity of the applicants.
  • Ethical and Legal considerations: Any application that contravenes ethical principles and legal regulations may be excluded from being evaluated and rejected at any time.

The evaluation process involves two steps:

Step 1: Eligibility Check: Will be done by the ENRICH in the USA staff following the criteria defined in section 4:

  1. If they meet the respective eligibility criteria (outlined above)
  2. If they meet the respective target group for this call (outlined above)

Step 2: Evaluation: Once the eligibility check is conducted and complete, eligible applications will be evaluated a simple Yes to attend the Matchmaking Event or No with minor feedback/suggestions for improvement for future cycles. The evaluation will be based on fully completed applications. If both of the above steps result in a “yes”, selected individuals will be notified.


  1. Time Schedule



March 07, 2018

Call opens

March 29, 2018
(at 23h59 CET)

Submission of application and call closes

April 02, 2018

Selection of the applicants

April 02, 2018

Information for the applicants if they were chosen or not

April 09, 2018

Pre-departure Webconference for Pitch Deck Template

April 19, 2018

Submit Pitch Deck to program managers of Event

April 22, 2018

Start date for Event pre-agenda at ICBI32

April 25, 2018

Matchmaking Event


  1. Contacts

For questions regarding the Spring Corporate & Investor Matchmaking Event, please contact:


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Jack Henkel